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2018 Vista Tournament Champions


Dear Fellow members, friends and guests,

Once again, I share my wishes in bidding you all a Happy New Year and wishing you a great start to 2019. As I enter my Fourth year as your President for Vista SCMAGA, I have been privileged to see you all grow and participate in the great golf club that Vista has become and continues to be.

I have written, spoken and voiced to all how diverse and unified our club is. We all enjoy the game and what golf gives and takes from us. We all seek to hit the perfect shot. Playing the best round. But most of all to have fun and create amazing memories where friendships and camaraderie are forged. 

Vista MAGA strives to reach outside the boundaries of the game of golf by giving back through charitable entities, community organizations, junior golf and college scholarships for our future generations.

The club and association have deep roots in Southern California and I am pleased to announce that this year SCMAGA turns 45. Our Mexican/American heritage is the foundation for which we owe to the former members whom created the organization that we are all a part of. At present, there is controversy in our country towards those who seek a better life here in the U.S.A. I will not share my personal views but I will ask you to share with everyone that you meet, to let them know that in our club, there are no walls. There are no diversities imposed upon us. That we all have a voice and we all can be in the company of one another and the world around us doesn't affect or place a value on our direction, beliefs or values. We are one.

I encourage you and anyone who wants to be a part of something that makes a difference and encompasses the game of golf and the life lessons that golf and each other teaches us.

Warm regards,

Gilbert “Gibby” Castro - President


The Southern California Mexican-American Golf Association was started in the 1960's as the Southern section of a larger statewide organization. In 1975, the Southern section sought its own identity and was formally incorporated as a nonprofit organization as the Southern California Mexican-American Golf Association (SCMAGA).

While it was originally established to encourage and expand the participation of Mexican-American golfers in the game, membership is available to all golfers of good character regardless of color, creed, national origin or ethnicity. Among its stated purposes are the encouragement, promotion, creating interest in, and advancing the practice and enjoyment of golf in organized competitive events.

There are currently ten chapters located from Los Angeles to San Diego with approximately 800 total members. Each Chapter operates independently through its own elected and appointed officers in conducting its golf and social activities. The Association provides general guidance and direction through the Association by-laws and quarterly meetings of the Executive Committee and Chapter delegates. Members may participate in any other Chapter's tournaments by making arrangements with the respective tournament director. Membership in any of the individual Chapters includes the establishment of a handicap through either the Public Links Golf Association or the Southern California Golf Association, as determined by the Chapter.

While SCMAGA is primarily involved in golf and related social activities, the Association and its Chapters support numerous community-based and regional charities. Also, college scholarships are awarded to deserving students, through Association and Chapter fundraisers. The Association also encourages and supports Junior Golf Programs through the Chapters and at the annual Association Championship Tournament.


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