2020 Vista Meeting Schedule and Minutes

January - 1/14: Click here for minutes.

February - 2/17: Click here for minutes.

March - 3/19: Click here for minutes.

July - 7/14: Click here for minutes.

August - 8/12: Click here for minutes.

September - 9/9: Click here for minutes

October - 10/4: Click here for minutes

2019 Vista Meeting Schedule and Minutes

Vista will be holding our monthly meetings at The Vista Village Pub on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM.  Any questions or concerns please contact Gilbert Castro. 

To view the latest set of minutes please click here.  Or when posted you can view the minutes listed below.

January - 1/16: Click Here for Minutes

February - 2/12: Click Here for Minutes

March - 3/05: Click Here for Minutes

April - 4/08: Click Here for Minutes

May - 5/07: Click Here for Minutes

June - 6/04: 

July - 7/16: Click Here for Minutes

August - 8/12: Click Here for Minutes

September - 9/10: Click Here for Minutes

October - 10/15: Click here for Minutes

November - 11/12: Click here for minutes

December - 12/16: Click here for minutes

2018 Vista Meeting Schedule and Minutes

Below is a list of prior minutes and results for 2018:

Meeting Dates:

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